Want to keep your pets safe
and healthy?

We supply the most advanced tools to help you do just that.

There's no catch. It's free!

Every pet deserves the best possible care. This all starts with their pet owner and the tools available to them. Petzinfo offers valuable premium services but our business model allows us to provide the every day pet owner with the essential pet care tools for FREE!

Keep track of all your pets online

Save records, pictures, information and more for ALL your pets!

  • Complete access at any time!

    Save, sort, print or email

    At a vet appointment and need information from a past visit? Log in and see all your records in seconds. Feel at ease that records, receipts, documents etc. are at your fingertips at all times.

    Unlimited storage

    Have 100 pets? Don't worry, we have you covered! Clear up all your filing cabinets as we don't have any data limits. Create an unlimited amount of records for safe keeping!

  • Let us keep track of your tasks!

    Need a reminder? No Problem!

    With our Alerts system you will be able to set an alert for medications, veterinarian appointments, feeding schedules, activities and more for every pet you have! Let us send you an email or profile alert to help you remember those hard to track details.

    Have Multiple Pets?

    Whether you have 1 pet or many, you can set, track & sort all the alerts for each one of your pets!

  • Industry Best Lost & Found Interactive Map System!

    Whats happening around your community?

    With our industry best map system, you will be able to search and create listings for lost or found pets that are in your neighborhood.

    Is Your Pet Lost?

    If your pet goes missing, feel at ease that you have the best system, tools and community at your fingertips! Create a lost pet listing and use our Petz Community Alert system to notify your entire city!!!

  • Organize All Your Pets Information

    All In One Simple Location

    Create pet profiles for an unlimited amount of pets. Whether you have a dog, cat, reptile or any kind of pet we don’t discriminate! Simply create their own profile to keep track of their records, set alerts, attach a QR ID Tag, save images & more!!!

    Want to show your pet off?

    With our Public Petz area you can view all of our fans pets! Share media, information and more!!!

  • The #1 Pet Social Network!

    Interact with other pet owners all across the country to get advice, find and locate lost pets, share stories, post pictures of you and your pets and more!!

    Have too many social network accounts?

    We have you covered, our members can share posts to FaceBook, Twitter & you can chat with your FaceBook friends!!

Get your pet home safe and quick with our digital QR ID Tags!

Feel at ease that should your pet go missing that they have as much information on them in order to get them home to you as fast as possible. With our QR ID Tags you can store your info, your pets info, veterinarian info, medical info, media and more!

With a quick scan from any smartphone or tablet the person who finds your pet will have all this information within seconds.

PetzInfo QR ID Tags can be purchased in our Petz Shop. Why wait? Make sure your pet is returned safe and quick and get one today!

Take your pets information wherever you go

Log into your account from anywhere in the world! Our system will work on any browser on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

We’ve helped people take better care of their pets and helped to keep them safe!

Jerome Aron, CA

These QR ID Tags are awesome. It's amazing that I can have so much information right on the tag! I feel that my pet is protected now should she ever get out. Thank you PetzInfo!!!

Matthew Peters, GA

Great product. From the tags to the record keeping. I'm keeping all my files clean and accessible now. Keep up the good work!!

Nicole Ecsedy, CA

Just want to say thank you for creating a place where people can take better care of their pets. I have created profiles for all my puppies and look forward to adding my records and set my alerts!! Thanks PetzInfo!

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